Only Italian Quality


La Varesina has developed during the years an import Network of contacts in Italy and in Europe and thanks to them we’re now able to present ourselves to You.

We have a large selection of Italian Quality Products and thanks to our different Partners we are also able to research and find new and different products in order to satisfy your needs

Our History Starts in the 40’s

La Varesina born at the end of the 40s in Italy in the province of Vicenza as a company devoted to the marketing of drinks, in the following years the company gets developed and starts producing drinks and alcoholic drinks by his own brand.

At the end of the 90s Spigolon’s family that has run the company from the beginning, choose to concentrate their work in the marketing of products in GDO’s world and qualified using his own network of knowing, experience and choosing the right partners the company starts growing and becomes a landmark in Italian market.

In the 2015 The Varesina, with an experience of over 50 years, thanks to the quality of his suppliers – costumers and marketing partners choose to start an adventure even out of Italian confines with a project “Export” picking some of the best maker of Food Made in Italy. Dear Sir, we’re confident that you will find in our Products the best that Made In Italy has to give and together interesting and important Business will end with success and mutual satisfaction.

Our Mission

People working in La Varesina have a clear statement in mind: Customer satisfaction is the only Key to success!
So everyone is fully dedicated to give Service to Customers and this is the reason way more than 30 different Key Italian Producers have choosen to delegate to our Company the role to be their ‘face in front’ of the Market. Being an Italian Company we’ve decided to propose Only Italian Quality Products and we choose as partners only producers able to guarantee the Right Product at the Right Price.

Nowadays the market is more dynamic than the past and sometimes it becomes simply erratic so in this scenario a Partner able to provide or find out quickly what you looking for is a Key success factor and this what we aim to be for you and your Company.

Some of our Partners

Some of our Partners could already have some exclusive agreement in your area


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